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Email me any time at arichermenow@gmail.com. I will respond as a person not an AI app. ūüôā¬† ¬†Please be respectful and kind. I practice yoga for my health and for in order to share what I know. If you have a differing opinion, let’s talk not post. Send an email today.

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SlowMo Yoga

For Flexible Beginners and Those Who Move Slow

When I started practicing yoga it seemed natural for me. But, I was still a beginner and knew nothing about yoga. Nonetheless the beginner classes didn’t seem to challenge me enough. I wanted to stretch further and try things my other beginner peers might not want to venture into just yet. I didn’t understand yoga philosophy or the need for years of practice. But, I was flexible.

Are you a flexible beginner looking for a yoga class that is right for you?

Flexible Beginner Yoga is perfect for anyone who feels like they are advanced for a beginner but not ready to take on an intermediate or advanced classes. In this class, we will start with basic poses and work our way up to more challenging ones.

You are able to progress at your own pace in this safe, welcoming, and “no judgment” environment. You will learn about your energy or “inner chi” that which flows through us all and makes our connectedness to each other.

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I’ve been practicing yoga for a decade. I believe that we are all spiritual beings and this body is our vessel, which is here to carry us through life. So we need to respect it! Just as a child needs to learn how to walk, so too do adults need to seek out and find ways toward spiritual growth… what’s right for you. We also need physical centeredness, emotional balance, and mental focus. Yoga is an excellent way to achieve all of these.

I love working with my grandchildren. Addy is 3 and about to turn 4 and Mikah is 5 years old. They practice yoga with me almost daily. It’s more play than anything. We have fun.¬†

The Meta Verse & Social Media

Yoga Happens in Increments

Yoga happens in increments. You will be surprised the progress you make in only a few days. Here’s an example of lessons from the Crow Pose.¬†

Hi Everybody, I’m

Dr. Christina Blanchard-Horan

I recently started my seventh decade.¬† I’m 63, which most people don’t believe.¬† Then they ask “how do you stay so fit?”

“How do you stay so fit?”

First of all, I enjoy walking about two to three miles a day with my dog Day-z Mae (aka Miss Mae). I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and that helps. But, you don’t have to practice for 10 years to get the benefits of yoga. It can happen slowly or fast.¬† We all know that yoga is great for our mind and body, but it can be intimidating to try a new type of yoga or to go to a studio for the first time.

Yoga can be incredibly rewarding, but if you’re not doing the right type of yoga or in the right setting, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed. My SlowMo Yoga practice is designed to help people who need to slow down, those who sit down too much, and of course people 55 and up, like me!¬† Coaching is safe and nonjudgemental, so you can relax and focus on your practice.

I use common sense language and share my use of energy flow to release pain points.  I go slow and explain as I go.  Join me anytime. I am online on weekday mornings at 6:45 am Eastern time on Instagram @aricherme_yoga and Facebook A Richer Me Yoga. You can sign up there or here on my website.

Healing Yoga

Feeling old and in pain?

Yoga has been shown to help with all sorts of issues, aches, and pains. Give it a try! You may be surprised at how much better you feel.

A Richer Me Yoga can help you find relief from pain and a youthful feeling again. Join the thousands of people who have already discovered the benefits of yoga.

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Staying Fit

Staying fit means starting my day early between 4:30 and 5:30 am with meditation and reflections for 30 to 60-minutes depending on the day.  After that I head to the Common Room to practice 30 minutes of yoga with my friends online. This I do each weekday. I did miss one class. But I am there most days. Because the practice has served me so well I thought I would share my practice with others and that was my commitment to myself and those who follow me.

If you are looking for a short, plane language morning yoga, this is for you. It’s a 30 minute Slow Mo Morning Yoga Flow for people 55+ and older. I love teaching and enjoy sharing what I know. I hope you’ll join me.

What I Offer

Daily Classes

Join me daily online classes for free. I am usually live for about 30 minutes to an hour between 6:45 and 7:15. Join me for free yoga practice. Missed a day? Go to the Instagram archive and pick a topic.  Videos are uploaded daily on Instagram and Facebook, as well as YouTube .Yoga Channel

Private Classes

Remote private classes are available as are in-person classes, as long as the appropriate protections are in place.

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Seasonal Retreats

Our first seasonal retreat is in the planning. Stay tuned!

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