Yoga Notebook Flipbook: Yoga Pose Silhouettes with 120 Pages


Yoga Notebook Flipbook: Yoga Pose Silhouettes with 120 Lined and Unlined Pages has lined pages with yoga Yoga Silhouettes in this yoga flipbook with 120 Lined and Unlined Pages. Goes with any of our Yoga Courses. More here

Fresh Yoga Pose Silhouettes on each Unlined Page

This Yoga Notebook Flipbook has Yoga Pose Silhouettes and 120 Pages, lined and blank. The cover design of this yoga journal demonstrates a lush example of yoga figure silhouettes for a fabulous journaling notebook. Each page suggests a yoga pose for thought for this yoga logbook. Turned on its side it becomes a yoga notebook flipbook. This minimalist journal decorates with yoga silhouettes. These are 60 yoga figures that pose so that every time you turn a page there is another yoga pose.


Looking for a simple yoga journal to inspire your practice? Add this easy yoga notebook journal to note thoughts on your practice, and how to reach your goals?

This yoga notebook journal is perfect for anyone who simply wants a place to journal about yoga practice. Each page features a different yoga pose, so you can learn and grow with the turn of every page.

With 60 different poses included, you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration. You can also use this journal to track your progress and growth as a yogi.

Purchase your very own 6x9 inch Yoga Notebook Journal of Yoga Silhouettes today!

yoga pose silhouettes

Yoga pose silhouettes in the yoga notebook flipbook


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